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Simplify Lab Sample Storage and Processing with Labnet Plasticware

There are numerous components and pieces of equipment that are required for a laboratory to function. Though most people might consider things like lab centrifuges or incubators to be the most important items in a lab setting, small components play an essential role, too. Plasticware, such as microplates and tube racks, are necessary for proper sample processing and storage.

At Labnet International, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of plasticware that’s designed to offer quality and functionality.

Labnet’s plasticware products include:

  • Krystal™ microplates: These plates come in two different colors-- black for fluorescence assays and white for luminescence assays. They come in 24, 96, and 384 well formats depending on your application and the well bottoms are clear for versatile instrument reading.
  • Solid assay plates: Whether you need plates for luminescence, fluorescence, or colorimetric assays, our solid assay plates are a fantastic choice. They come in white, black, and clear with 96 and 384 well formats. Our solid assay plates come in packages of 100 and we even offer barcoding upon request.
  • High volume deep well plates: If you have high sample volume applications, Labnet International’s high volume deep well plates are a great option. These plates have 48 wells and are available in 5 ml and 7.5 ml volumes.
  • Thermal cycler plate: Our thermal cycler plates are made of flexible polycarbonate which promotes fast and effective heat transfer. These plates are designed to be compatible with all of the most commonly used thermal cyclers on the market.
  • DyNA Block™ deep well microplates: For high throughput sample storage and processing, Labnet offers DyNA Block™ deep well microplates in a standard 8 by 12, 96 well format. The polypropylene plates are made to withstand chemical and temperature exposure. Square well plates: Square microplates are designed with deep wells for high throughput applications. Labnet’s square well plates come in 96 and 384 well formats in both sterile and non sterile packaging. These plates can be stored in stainless steel freezer storage racks which are also available from Labnet.

Find out more about the innovative features that you can expect from Labnet International plasticware by browsing our online product inventory. Each of our plastic products is designed with the demands and needs of laboratories and research facilities in mind. Regardless of the specific application, we are certain that you will appreciate the quality that our plasticware products can offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to find out more.