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Two Steps You Can Take Today to Ensure Sample Uniformity in Your Lab

Regardless of the specific research, testing and analysis that’s done in your lab, one of your top priorities is to ensure uniformity of your samples. Even minor inconsistencies in the samples you test can result in serious effects on your data and results.

The problem, then, is that there are so many different factors that contribute to the processing and testing of samples that it is virtually impossible to eliminate variance. However, you can significantly reduce variations and promote uniformity by focusing on some of the most common areas that labs struggle with-- including mixing parameters.

Reduce Variability

When you create sample blends, you must go through a process of combining components and mixing them with agitation equipment. This might seem straightforward enough, but achieving uniformity during sample blending is far easier said than done. When you consider the sizes of your samples and the concentrations of the various elements you are blending, there is a lot of room for inconsistency. Even a few seconds difference in the cycling times for two different samples can create a major discrepancy between their outcomes.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure uniformity is to carefully calculate your ratios and determine the conditions necessary to achieve the appropriate outcomes for your samples. This might require some trial and error, but it’s important to establish a baseline for your samples that you can replicate by maintaining constant conditions in your lab.

Get the Right Equipment

The agitation equipment you use has a significant bearing on the consistency of your samples. Rotation per minute rates should be measurable and precise between cycles. It’s important that you have access to machinery that enables you to set specific parameters for different cycles. Depending on manual monitoring and timekeeping to keep track of cycle times can be unreliable, so you should make sure to use agitators that have programmable settings and cycle times.

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