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From Single Product to Booming Electrophoresis Portfolio: Labnet International's Story

When Labnet International launched our Electrophoresis and Molecular Biology product line back in 2002, it included a single Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis unit.



Labnet has since expanded the product line to include more than 30 electrophoresis products, plus a host of Electrophoresis product accessories.



In the past 18 months, Labnet has doubled our Electrophoresis offering. Power supplies range from space saving units for simple DNA and protein applications to fully programmable units able to do high amperage applications like Western Blotting. Vertical gel boxes are compatible with most pre-cast gels on the market and are ideal for applications requiring greater gel resolution.



Western Blotting can be done in tank blotters of large and small format as well as in a semi-dry blotting format. For DNA applications an integrated unit with power supply is ideal for those looking to save space and make running gels easy. Horizontal gel boxes are available in 6 sizes to accommodate a large variety of applications. Each come with a large selection of multichannel pipette compatible combs. ENDURO™ GDS and GDS Touch Gel Documentation systems have been designed for simplicity and high quality images.



“We started with the Horizontal Gel units to meet customer demand for an entry level product,” says Labnet Product Manager Ira Augenzucker. “Since then, we’ve focused on filling gaps in the market that our customers needed so they have a complete Electrophoresis portfolio to choose from.”

Labnet International’s Electrophoresis products have been shown to improve the molecular biology workflow, from sample prep to validation.



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