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Bringing the Latest Innovations to the Bench with Labnet ENDURO™ Electrophoresis Products

Advances in Electrophoresis are constantly expanding the field of protein analysis. Labnet International is supporting the industry every step of the way with the full line of ENDURO™ equipment bringing the latest innovations to the bench. 

Powering the Process

Labnet International ENDURO™ products are built on the firm foundation of reliability and innovation that the industry has come to expect from us. While power supplies might seem mundane in other applications, they are the foundation of the Electrophoresis process.  Our power supplies are anything but an afterthought. Our Intelligent power supplies offer a variety of features across a three models to satisfy both diagnostic and research applications.

  • Intuitive, Intelligent controls designed with you in mind
  • Simple selection of constant voltage, current or wattage
  • Compact, versatile, stackable

Horizontal or Vertical?

Horizontal Electrophoresis is the workhorse of the industry and is very well suited for multiple life science applications. In broad terms, Horizontal Electrophoresis is the go-to technology for nucleic acid analysis and research.  Vertical Gel Electrophoresis is better suited for protein studies.  Labnet International offers a full range of both Horizontal and vertical tools to meet all of your research and diagnostic requirements. 

Horizontal Electrophoresis tools from Labnet International address the needs of high-volume and small-scale laboratories. The ENDURO™ Gel XL achieves the best combination of throughput and convenience with the capacity to run up to 112 samples at once. The ENDURO™ 96 is a multi-well unit compatible with 8-channel pipettes and matches up with all other 96 well plate configurations.  ENDURO™ Gel Boxes are available in sizes ranging from our mini system to 450 sample capacity tank. 

Labnet International continues the commitment to meeting your requirements with our ENDURO™ Vertical Gel Systems.  The ENDURO™ Vertical line is excellent for both screening and evaluating sample prep during protein electrophoresis.  From the VE10 Mini System to the large-capacity ENDURO™ VE 20 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System

The VE20 brings flexibility and ease of use to your SDS-PAGE, native, preparative, radient, high-resolution nucleic acid electrophoresis and electroblotting processes.

Electrophoresis Accessories are Essential

Labnet International has engineered a full line of accessories and ancillary products to support the robust ENDURO™ line of Electrophoresis products.  All of the accessories offered in the ENDURO™ line are engineered with an eye on ease of use and durability. From simple casting supplies ad combs to the precise, complex ENDURO MinMix Nutating Mixer, we have you covered from gel casting to UV transillumination.

  • Gel Trays
  • Casting Dams
  • Well Combs
  • Molecular Weight Markers
  • Vertical Gel Tube Inserts
  • Electroblotting Systems
  • Power Supply Racks
  • Plates and Spacers
  • PAGE  Systems

We know your work is essential to advances in research and diagnostics. At Labnet International, our goal is simple: meet your process requirements with effective, robust and innovative equipment. Our expanded ENDURO™ line is a result of our passion and commitment to meeting you on the cutting edge of technology with practical solutions.  For all of your laboratory requirements, think Labnet International first for equipment that will last.