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ENDURO VE10 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System

ENDURO™ VE10 Vertical Gel System

Ideal for screening new samples and evaluating sample preparation conditions

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E2010-PA ENDURO VE10 PAGE system Includes PAGE insert, buffer tank with leads and cooling pack
E2010-PCA ENDURO PAGE Casting System

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E2010-BM Electroblotting Module only
Product Specifications
Number of gels (handcast)1-4
Precast gel compatability (up to 2 gels/run)Novex SERVAGel, Thermo Precise Pierce Protein Gel, BIO-RAD Mini PROTEAN Precast Gels
Glass plate dimensions (WxHXT)10x10x0.2cm
Total buffer volumeMin 205mL Max 1200mL

Modular Mini Vertical Gel System

Labnet's ENDURO™ Modular Mini Vertical Gel System for protein electrophoresis is ideal for screening new samples and evaluating sample preparation conditions. It is a great research tool that can run a maximum of 4 gels within an hour. These gels can be either custom cast or pre-cast. The same system allows for either PAGE or Electroblotting to be carried out in the same tank by changing the insert.

Each VE10 electrophoresis system can accommodate up to 4 handcast gels and 2 commercial precast gels to provide complete flexibility for individual research needs. The unique sliding clamp technology within the PAGE insert facilitates fast, intuitive leak-free casting. Reversible combs also serve as loading indicators to aid pipette-well alignment, preventing sample loading errors. Insert your comb into a freshly poured gel which is allowed to set before inverting the comb to use a loading template that sits conveniently above the newly formed sample wells.

With easy set up and reliable performance, the VE10 Mini Vertical systems are perfect for today's laboratories where the ability to generate reproducible results quickly is of prime importance.

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