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Finding the Right Incubator

Your work should determine your equipment, not the other way around.  In a busy lab, having the right equipment in the right place and available when needed is essential to delivering results.  Labnet International has a wide breadth of products to satisfy all of your incubation requirements.   

It Starts with Temperature

Consistent, accurate temperature isn’t a feature in a Lab Incubator, it is a requirement.  All of Labnet International’s equipment will meet or exceed your application parameters.  The most common use of an incubator is to replicate the conditions in a living body to culture samples for identifications and treatment.  In the following application, a wide temperature range can be a useful diagnostic tool.

Microbiology Culture

Bacteria can be classified by temperature adaptation into three groups:

Mesophiles    20-40°C

Thermophiles    up to 120°C

Psychrophiles    down to -4°C


Maintaining a steady body temperature is the basic requirement for most microbiology cultures.  Using a lab incubator with a full temperature range can provide an environment where thermophiles are cultured and mesophiles are killed by the high temperature.   

Labnet International has versatile constant temperature incubators ranging from 2.75 to 6 cubic feet providing ample flexibility for your busy lab.  Just inside the heated door is a viewing door to allow for visualization of samples without disturbing the temperature inside.  Ample shelving provides plenty of room for segregation by type or time.


One Size Does Not Fit All

Tiny PCR tubes, large flasks, petri dishes and test tubes might all share the same application temperature during a part of the process.  All of these vessels may find themselves together in an incubator at some point but most likely, the applications will drive you to find a specific incubator for your process.  For example, the following two applications both require precise temperature control and agitation.  That is where the similarity ends and the wide range of Labnet International Incubators works to your advantage.

DNA Amplification

For use with standard tube sizes, Labnet International’s  Microtube Shaking incubator is an excellent choice.  This robust, temperature-cycling platform will rapidly heat and cool your samples while applying vortex shaking.

Tissue Culture and Yeast Growth

For applications that require cell aeration, look to Labnet International for a full offering of shaking incubators.  A wide range of sizes from the small, workstation 222DS to the 211DS stacking units that can support an entire lab, we have you covered.  The larger units have stationary shelves that can provide stationary incubation for optimum flexibility.

Helping You Do It Your Way

Even within the same range of application, we will consider throughput and lab capacity when we recommend your next Labnet International incubator.  A common application in our incubators is Shake Flask Aeration.  Bacterial cells that grow well in an aerobic environment can be efficiently mass-cultured in a large, nutrient-filled flask in a shaking incubator.  For this particular application, Labnet International has options that can supply the independent research student, the mid-sized lab and even industrial cell factories.  We accomplish this versatile offering by having size options and engineering space-saving stacking solutions.  

Small Scale Research Lab

The bench-top 222DS Shaking Incubator is the ideal product for a lab that offers a full range of cell culture services with low volume.  Sticky mats provide the most versatile platform configuration for flasks, petri dishes and microtiter blocks.

Mid-sized, Full-Service Lab

The Mid-sized lab is often the most difficult to manage.  Bench space is at a premium and single-purpose equipment is a luxury.  The Labnet International 311DS is a dual-purpose lab companion that offers a robust temperature range and shaking capabilities.  The addition of a fixed shelf makes this a standard lab incubator as well as saving space in the lab and widening the application for this equipment.

Industrial Cell Growth

Unlike diagnostic testing, high-volume cell factories do one thing and they do a lot of it.  Shaking incubation is the preferred method for culturing high-demand cells for research and industry.  For this application, we would recommend the stacking 211DS incubator from Labnet International. The compact form factor combined with the ability to stack the units makes this the perfect high-throughput, low-footprint incubation solution.