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5 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Agitation Equipment Purchase

The agitation equipment you choose for your lab is essential in determining its productivity, capabilities and long-term success. Unfortunately, many labs end up with equipment that simply isn’t suitable for their needs. Even quality agitator lab equipment can go underutilized if it isn’t appropriate for your specific applications.

By asking these five questions, you will have a much better chance of finding the right equipment for your lab.

  • What are the specifications? Before anything else, you should find out the specifications of the agitation equipment you are considering. You need to make sure it’s the appropriate size for your lab and that it has the capacity to accommodate the sizes of samples that you’ll be processing in your lab.
  • Is it versatile? You know how Mom said never to buy a kitchen gadget that has only one purpose? The same could be said for your lab equipment. Versatility is a major asset for agitators in labs that process many different kinds of samples. Ask about whether the agitator can be adjusted to accommodate multiple applications and processes.
  • Are there optional accessories? Accessories can often be added to agitation equipment to make it compatible with various kinds of sample containers. There are also other accessories that can be used to optimize the performance of your agitation equipment for your specific needs. Ask about any accessories that are available either with the unit or as a separate product.
  • Is the unit programmable? Programming capabilities can help you accurately set up timed cycles and ensure consistent processing of all of your samples. You should also find out about the temperature range of the unit and what kind of controls are used to adjust temperature. Having as much control as possible over cycle times and conditions will enable you to get the most reliable results possible in your lab.
  • What are the RPM details? The RPM capabilities of agitation equipment are another essential detail to consider. Ask about the RPM range and the increments that are used to control it. You should also find out how accurate the RPM measurement for the unit is.

At Labnet International, we know how important the right equipment is when it comes to the success of your lab, which is why we are proud to offer products that are designed to deliver high-quality performance for years. We manufacture our agitation equipment to high standards of quality so that you can feel confident in your purchase. In addition to our machinery and equipment, we also sell a variety of accessories and supplies that offer precision and durability no matter what the application is.

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