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With Plenty of Options to Choose from, Labnet Centrifuges are an Ideal Solution for Most Labs

Properly equipping your lab requires thoughtful consideration but it doesn’t need to be difficult. The Labnet International line of Universal, High Performance and High Volume Centrifuges has you covered. Here we will showcase some of the premium models of laboratory centrifuges made for effective spinning on your busy bench. 

Our Centrifuge Buying Guide is a great tool to use to find your ideal model.

High Speed Universal Centrifuges

Setting the standard for high-powered centrifuges, the Z366 high speed universal centrifuge and its refrigerated twin the Z366K are versatile powerhouses on the bench. With an eye on flexibility, the interchangeable rotors make these models ideal for small labs with multiple process requirements. The Z366 line can accommodate up to 30 x 15mL conical tubes with a maximum G-force of 24,321 for a powerful, effective spin. At Labnet International, our eye is always on durability and environmental responsibility which is why all of our cooled centrifuges feature CFC-free refrigeration systems.

Compact Centrifuge Options

From the larger Z366 units we move down to the compact Z306 Hermle Universal Centrifuge, which combines the precision-engineering you expect with a footprint that meets the needs of the small, busy lab. With a wide range of accessory rotors, the Z306 is ideal for applications across the range from clinical research to molecular biology. The Z306 features the same intuitive control panel that is friendly for one-handed and gloved use. The large, LCD display and simple, straightforward buttons are sealed for easy cleaning and prevention of contamination.

If bench space restrictions are at the top of your criteria list, the compact Z206A high capacity centrifuge could be the right model for you. Featuring the same intuitive controls and robust motor, the Z206 features 10 levels of acceleration and deceleration and many sizes of material tubes, flasks and microtiter plates.

When Only the Highest Speed Will Do

Your research drives new technology and processes and Labnet International is proud to meet those new requirements with the Z36HK Super High-Speed Centrifuge. With speeds of 30,000 rpm creating forces over 65,000 x g, this model shines as one of the most robust centrifuges on the market. Check out the new aerosol-tight rotors for use with hazardous materials in this video.

With 16 different rotor options, the Z326 and refrigerated Z326K provide a perfect platform for a wide range of applications. Delivering processing force of up to 4,427 x g and speeds up to 18,000 rpm, the Z326(K) is a powerful, versatile part of the busy lab. Such aggressive specifications mandate superior safety features be built in from the beginning. All of our Hermle Centrifuges are built to IEC 61010 standards and have rotor-specific active imbalance identification and cut-off systems. The smart-rotor management system will measure, detect and prevent damage due to gross imbalance. Small imbalances can be tolerated by the drive system.

High-Throughput Labs

For the production facility or high-throughput research lab, there is no comparison to our High Volume Universal Centrifuges. Featuring the same, maintenance-fee induction motor found in all of our precision Hermle centrifuges, the Z446 high volume centrifuge and refrigerated Z446K are the powerhouses in our extensive line. With a maximum volume of 4 x 750 ml and a maximum speed of 16,000 rpm, the Z446 units can tackle small batches of large tubes or large batches of microtiter plates. That versatility can serve a wide array of applications and runs at the same, whisper-quiet volume of all of our centrifuges.


With so many products to choose from, we know you might have questions specific to your unique laboratory. We are always here to help. You can contact us online here or call our New Jersey offices toll free 800.492.1110 option 2. If you need the name of your local representative, please give us a call or an email we will get you connected to a knowledgeable and friendly rep who can help you find the Labnet International High-Performance Centrifuge that is right for you.