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Get to Know Labnet’s Versatile Lab Centrifuges

The season of new beginnings is officially upon us, and what better way to celebrate than fresh new equipment in your lab? Now is the perfect time to invest in a new centrifuge. And we can help you find just the centrifuge you’re looking for!

Labnet International Lab Centrifuges

  • Microcentrifuges: Labnet’s microcentrifuges provide a compact option designed for DNA isolation or micro-volume mixture separation. These centrifuges are typically compatible with sample tubes and many can also be fitted with an adapter to accommodate PCR strips. Our Labnet Prism™ R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge has some great features, like a user-friendly control panel and brushless motors.
  • Mini centrifuges: For benchtop use and small batch applications, a mini centrifuge is a great choice. Our new Labnet Mini Centrifuges are perfect for rapid sample spin downs and pulse spins. This new line of mini centrifuges comes in several different models, all with the capacity to accommodate eight-place microcentrifuge tube rotors or four-place PCR strip rotors. This line of centrifuges can spin samples as fast as 6,000 rotations per minute for effective separation.
  • Small laboratory centrifuges: Labnet International’s small laboratory centrifuges offer exceptional performance in a compact design. The Z206A High Capacity, Compact Research Centrifuge is ideal for both research and clinical laboratories and is compatible with three fixed angle rotors, depending on your needs. You can also add adapters to this centrifuge that allow you to process a number of different tubes including standard conical tubes and round bottom blood tubes.
  • Universal and high-performance centrifuges: At Labnet, we’re always excited to introduce new products, but our C0336 and C0336R High Performance Centrifuges really stand out. This new series of centrifuges can be used with over 100 different memory programs and 10 different acceleration and deceleration levels. These are incredibly functional and versatile centrifuges that can be used for everything from complex molecular biology applications to basic research. These centrifuges have a capacity of up to 400 mL and you can choose between fixed angle and swing-out rotors for your needs.

Labnet International centrifuges

You can find out more about Labnet’s lab centrifuge features, rotors, and accessories on our product pages. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!