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Introducing the New C0336 Series High Performance Centrifuges

From research to medical applications, labs across the country utilize centrifugal technology. Centrifuges can be used for applications ranging from the spin-down of blood samples to cell disruption. Because of the crucial role they play within labs, the reliability and performance of a centrifuge is crucial. Investing in a centrifuge for your lab or replacing an outdated model can increase productivity, promote ease-of-use, and minimize time spent on maintenance. Labnet International's new C0336 series high-performance centrifuges boast features that allow you to enjoy long-lasting performance.

Features of C0336 and C0336R high-performance centrifuges:

  • Options to fit your needs: Labnet's C0336 series comes in two different models. The C0336 is designed for spinning at ambient temperature while the C0336R allows the user to control the temperature in a range between -20°C and +40°C.
  • Enhanced graphics: The large LCD displays on the C0336 series show information clearly. The new centrifuges also feature password protection for users.
  • Versatile programming: With 100 different user programs, the Labnet International C0336 series is conducive to an enormous range of applications. Users can adjust RPM and RCF as needed and can even change parameters during a spin. These models can correct speed automatically based on programmable density settings.
  • Advanced sensors: Because of the incredible speed of centrifugal spinning, imbalances can cause major problems for the condition of your equipment and the safety of your lab. These robust models are designed to distinguish normal load imbalances from irregularities that have the potential to harm your rotor. In the case of a major imbalance, the system will shut down to prevent damage.
  • Lid features: Labnet International's C0336 model lids automatically lock while the rotor is running and will also keep the rotor from starting if the lid is open. Additionally, an emergency lid lock release allows you to open your centrifuge in the case of power failure.

Labnet International Centrifuges

At Labnet, we specialize in delivering equipment that is as dynamic as your lab—and we're beyond excited to be introducing our new C0336 series of high-performance centrifuges. With so many great features designed to boost safety and reliability, you can feel confident that you are getting to best performance possible from these centrifuges.

For more information about Labnet International C0336 series centrifuges, please visit us online or get in touch with one of our representatives via phone or email. We would be happy to assist you in finding the equipment you need to take your lab to the next level.