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4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Lab Technicians Engaged

Running a lab requires you to meet certain efficiency and productivity goals. Of course, it’s impossible to keep up with these goals unless you have a team of lab technicians that is fully engaged.

To keep your lab running efficiently and effectively, there are steps you can take today to keep your technicians engaged all year long.

  • Make training a top priority: It’s difficult for lab technicians to fully engage with their work if they don’t fully understand it. Make sure all of your technicians are fully trained on lab and equipment safety, processes, and your lab’s best practices. This knowledge will enable your technicians to complete tasks with a high level of excellence. Encourage ongoing training and education to keep your technicians informed about the latest information available on processes and operations so they can keep growing their skillset, too.
  • Leverage automation for repetitive (or boring) tasks: When technicians perform mundane, repetitive tasks for long periods of time they are more likely to check out mentally. This disengagement makes technicians far more likely to experience decreased productivity or safety concerns while on the job. Take advantage of automation technology to handle these mundane tasks and give your technicians the freedom to focus on work that is mentally challenging. Challenging work keeps technicians engaged and it also contributes to a more fulfilling work experience for them.
  • Show your appreciation: It’s easy to let performance slip if you don’t feel like your work is noticed or appreciated. The good news is that you have the power to show your technicians that they are appreciated in a number of ways. You can offer tangible rewards, like increased compensation or benefits, but you can also display your appreciation through recognition of work. Make sure that technicians are acknowledged for following best practices by supervisors and offer small incentives like gift cards or other perks for exceptional work.
  • Cultivate communication: Keep your technicians engaged in their work by creating an environment where communication is a top priority. Technicians should feel able to ask questions, share information and consult with colleagues and supervisors in the interest of ensuring better quality, productivity and safety.

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