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5 Tips to Improve Efficiency in Your Lab

Regardless of the specific type of work your lab performs, efficiency is always essential when it comes to increasing productivity and improving the repeatability of your results. Unfortunately, achieving efficiency is sometimes easier said than done. It can be downright difficult to improve the workflow in your lab, but the good news is a few simple changes can help you increase your efficiency without sacrificing accuracy or safety in your lab.

  • Leverage the benefits of automation: There is a wealth of automation technology available for modern laboratories, and this technology can make a huge difference when it comes to improving efficiency. Automated instrumentation, like automated pipetting, can save time and free technicians and researchers up to focus on higher-priority and more complex tasks. Equipment that offers automated cycle presets is also a good investment for your laboratory. This kind of equipment doesn’t require technicians to set or monitor parameters during a cycle and reduces the need for constant cycle monitoring.
  • Perfect your processes: To ensure efficient workflow and consistent results, you have to fine-tune your lab’s processes. No matter which technician or researcher is completing a task, the structure of the process should be identical. Create processes based on methods and strategies that are efficient and yield consistent and accurate results.
  • Streamline workstations: It’s important to make your workstations as intuitive as possible. Make sure that your technicians have easy access to all of the materials and tools they need to complete their tasks. Good organization and cleanliness are necessary in order to ensure workstations are always ready to be put to use by technicians and researchers.
  • Correct inefficiencies: You won’t be able to maximize efficiency in your lab overnight, so you should be willing to adapt your strategy as time goes by. Observe workflow and productivity in your lab and identify opportunities to boost efficiency.
  • Invest in quality equipment: The right equipment can make a huge difference where efficiency is concerned. High-quality equipment is capable of delivering consistent results even when processing high sample volumes. Investing in the best equipment for your lab pays off in the long run when it comes to capacity, efficiency, and longevity.

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