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5 Easy Tips to Help You Extend the Life of Your Lab Equipment

The equipment you have in your lab is essential when it comes to producing accurate results. However, even the best equipment will eventually wear out and have to be replaced. While you can’t avoid this entirely, there are things you can do today to ensure your lab equipment is in good shape for years to come. 

  • Calibration: Lab equipment and instruments are designed for precision, but they must be calibrated appropriately in order to be as accurate as possible. Have your laboratory equipment professionally calibrated regularly to keep your equipment operating correctly and allowing you to avoid premature replacement. 
  • Cleaning: You rely on your lab equipment, and to do so you must be able to count on it not getting dirty over time. As dirt and debris accumulate, it can cause instruments to become less efficient and therefore less effective. By keeping your equipment clean and free of debris, you’ll also keep your tools operating at peak performance, thereby avoiding mechanical issues and failures.
  • Maintenance: A regular maintenance schedule will keep you on track when it comes to servicing your valuable lab equipment. During maintenance, a technician will tune up your system and inspect it for any signs of problems. If problems do arise, it’s essential that you address them as soon as possible. Prompt, professional repair will prevent minor problems from snowballing into major ones.
  • Proper Usage: The way you handle and use your laboratory equipment has a major impact on its lifespan. Always follow operation and handling instructions closely and make sure that only trained technicians and employees are using your laboratory equipment. The more careful you are with your equipment, the less susceptible it will be to damage and excessive wear.
  • Quality equipment: When you purchase new equipment, it’s important to focus on the real value of what you’re buying. Investing in quality equipment right will help you save money in the long run by helping you avoid repairs in the first place.

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