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3 Tips for Balancing Your Centrifuge

Centrifuges play an essential role in laboratories, but they must be used correctly to deliver the best performance possible. One of the most important things technicians do when working with a centrifuge is to balance the rotor. An unbalanced rotor can compromise the performance of your centrifuge, have an impact on the reliability of your testing results, and may even cause irreversible damage to your equipment. The good news is that you can avoid all of these issues simply by following a few key tips for balancing your centrifuge.

  1. Consider sample weight and placement: When you’re processing samples it’s important to carefully consider their weight. Samples on opposing sides of your centrifuge should have a weight difference of no more than one gram. A weight difference exceeding this may cause the center of gravity of your rotor to shift, leading to excessive vibration. When you’re adding samples to your rotor, it’s important to keep the load symmetrical. If you have an even number of sample tubes, place them directly across from each other in the rotor. For an uneven number of samples, add another test tube to the rotor that’s filled with liquid of the same volume and density to keep your load balanced.
  2. Maintain rotor alignment: Over time, your centrifuge rotor might become misaligned from the centrifuge shaft. When you initially install your centrifuge rotor, make sure to follow the installation guidelines in your user manual and check for any imbalance or carefully. Check your rotor periodically for any misalignment issues and make corrections as necessary.
  3. Follow use and maintenance guidelines: Centrifuges are complicated pieces of equipment that require specific care and maintenance to perform the way they should. When you receive a new centrifuge, be sure to closely read your user manual and reference the relevant information to ensure everyone in your lab understands how to properly operate your centrifuge. And don’t forget to inspect and clean your centrifuge regularly to get rid of debris or corrosion that could contribute to a load imbalance!

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