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Labnet Equipment Used in Groundbreaking Research Across the Globe

At Labnet International, we are proud to serve the scientific community. As an international laboratory equipment supplier, we have the opportunity to facilitate research that’s on the cutting edge of scientific research. Thanks to our reputation for delivering quality products to our customers, we have been trusted by many of the labs and research teams across the globe who are performing groundbreaking scientific work. Read on to find out more about the exciting research being conducted using Labnet equipment.


  • Disease Detection: Medical research has centered on disease prevention for hundreds of years. Ever since the scientific breakthroughs of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries that brought us vaccinations, germ theory, and penicillin, scientists and medical professionals have been able to drastically improve medical outcomes and effectively combat diseases that would have been deadly. Today, research into disease case and prevention is still very much underway. As an example, we’ve seen researchers performing PCR analysis using Labnet vortexes and centrifuges to detect Lyme disease in samples of tick DNA. This kind of identification helps prevent the spread of disease and gives researchers more insight into the disease itself.
  • Tissue Repair: One of the most common activity-related injuries that people experience is an ACL tear. ACL tears usually occur when a person twists their knee during sports like basketball, soccer, skiing, tennis, and football. For athletes, an ACL tear can be devastating and potentially even career-ending. Even for non-athletes, ACL tears can cause long-term pain and mobility problems that affect their everyday life. Using a Labnet vortex mixer, among other equipment, some researchers have been able to lay the groundwork for reconstructive tissue engineering that could be used to repair ACL tears on a cellular level.
  • Interspecies Disease Interaction: Understanding the way that diseases spread between species has always been a challenge for researchers. Typically, researchers must use animal test subjects or biochemical assays in order to successfully assess disease interaction between species. However, recent research has been done using in-vitro protein conversion assays to investigate interspecies disease transmission using one of Labnet’s end-over-end mixers and mini centrifuges.
  • Neuroscience: Even after so many centuries of research, there is still a lot that we don’t know about the human brain. The field of neuroscience is constantly being redefined with groundbreaking research and new theories that endeavor to explain the mysteries of the brain, and much of this work is being conducted with RNA sequencing techniques. Labs all over use Labnet tools and equipment for this kind of research.

No matter what kind of laboratory work you’re doing, you can rely on Labnet International equipment to get the job done. To explore our catalog of products or to find out more about us, simply take a look through our website or contact us for more information.