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Exciting Applications for Electrophoresis

Electrophoresis is a process that enables lab professionals to isolate organic molecules and research them as part of biomedical analysis. Below, we review just a few of the many exciting applications for electrophoresis.

  • Antibiotic testing: Antibiotics help medical patients fight off illnesses and infections. Today, antibiotics are widely used for medical applications, but they must be researched extensively to ensure their safety, purity and effectiveness. Electrophoresis is used to separate the antibodies in the antibiotic from any impurities. This process also enables researchers to determine the concentration of the antibiotic, making dosage more accurate.
  • DNA analysis: DNA analysis is one of the most common applications for electrophoresis. Using gel as a medium, researchers can stratify DNA into segments using an electrical charge and keep the molecules in place once the charge is removed. This allows researchers to examine molecules at high resolutions, making it much easier to thoroughly analyze DNA structures. Researchers use staining agents to make analysis even easier, improving their ability to interpret the results of the analysis.
  • Vaccine testing: Vaccines have saved countless lives and radically reduced the spread of diseases like measles and pertussis. Electrophoresis has played an essential role in the development of modern vaccines; it is used to test the purity and concentration of vaccines. Researchers use electrophoresis to test variations of vaccines with different levels and types of antibodies to conduct studies to find the best possible version of a single vaccine.
  • Analysis of proteins and antibodies: Another key application for electrophoresis is protein and antibodies analysis. Electrophoresis that’s used for this application is called immunoelectrophoresis, and it allows research to study the interactions between proteins and antibodies. Researchers can test samples from medical patients using immunoelectrophoresis to detect a wide variety of immune conditions including kidney disease and multiple sclerosis. In addition, researchers can analyze the way that various antibodies interact with abnormal proteins present in these samples to find potential treatments or even cures for autoimmune diseases.

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