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Simplify Your Workflow with the MultiGene™ OptiMax

In the lab, you often have to juggle different priorities to ensure things run smoothly. From the safety of your lab technicians to the performance of your lab equipment, there are many things to consider. 

While it may take time, effort, and even a little bit of trial and error to achieve ideal results in your lab, getting started with the right equipment can really make a big difference. When it comes to PCR, the quality of your equipment can impact the volume of replications you can make of various samples. The Labnet International MultiGene™ OptiMax Thermal Cycler is specifically designed to simplify workflow and deliver reliable results for your lab.

Where the MultiGene™ OptiMax Shines

The primary advantage of the MultiGene™ OptiMax over other thermal cyclers is the fact that it offers faster run times. The MultiGene™ OptiMax is also popular for its sophisticated temperature customization options. With gradient cyclers, you set the temperature for the first and last column of samples and everything in between is automatically set by the cycler. The MultiGene™ OptiMax allows you to select custom temperatures for each block of samples, giving you increased control over your cycles.

You can program this thermal cycler to operate between one and six distinct annealing temperatures for different blocks. This can boost your throughput significantly by reducing the time it takes for you to cycle your samples. You can simultaneously perform up to six different reactions with the MultiGene™ OptiMax, which enables you to reduce time spent on annealing cycles for various genes from nine hours or more to just three hours. 

Bringing this Thermal Cycler to Your Lab

These thermal cyclers can be used in a wide variety of applications, making them a favorite of genotyping labs. The MultiGene™ OptiMax has been proven so successful for PCR applications that it was even featured in the March 2013 issue of BioTechniques magazine.
Enjoy the speed, premium features, and unmatched performance the Labnet International MultiGene™ OptiMax has to offer at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. At Labnet international, we have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding equipment to laboratory clients, including thermal cyclers for PCR applications. Browse our website for a more complete description of the MultiGene™ OptiMax and to browse the rest of the equipment and accessories in our inventory.