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Now Available: New ENDURO™ Gel Documentation Systems

Labnet International is proud to be on the cutting edge of modern laboratory equipment and technology. This month, we are adding new ENDURO™ gel documentation systems to our popular molecular biology product line. Find out more about the new ENDURO™ GDS II and GDS Touch II Gel Documentation Systems that you can get from Labnet International.

The Labnet International ENDURO™ GDS II and GDS Touch II Gel Documentation Systems are designed to be user-friendly with intuitive controls and straightforward settings that you can calibrate in seconds. You can choose between the ENDURO™ GDS II or the ENDURO™ GDS Touch II depending on your preferences and needs. Both versions of the ENDURO™ GDS come with storage space on top so that you can easily store your accessories and maximize your bench space. Take a look at a few of the specifications of these products to help you get a better idea of the kind of performance and functionality you can expect from these new products:

ENDURO GDS II and GDS Touch II Product Features

  • Image resolution: Both the GDS and the GDS Touch have 3.2 MP image resolution to deliver clarity and ensure effective documentation and analysis.
    Illumination: The GDS features UV 302, UV 365 or epi-white illumination. The GDS Touch also offers UV 302, UV 365 or epi-white illumination along with optional epi-blue lights. Epi-blue lights are ideal for DNA “Safe” Dyes that enable you to utilize your Gel Documentation System without the use of ethidium bromide.
  • Dimensions: At just 12 x 15 inches, the units’ small dimensions and intuitive design help you make the most of your workspace and keep the space you do have for your lab’s processes more consolidated.
  • System controls: The GDS II is compatible with Windows-based PCs or laptops. The GDS Touch comes with a compatible tablet included in the product package. Fully-featured qualitative software is included with these product packages so you can create publication-quality images.

If you want to learn more about the latest ENDURO™ products we have in stock, or you’re interested in any Labnet International equipment or accessories, contact us today! Our team can walk you through all of our incredible products and provide you with expert recommendations whether you are looking to upgrade some equipment or you need to outfit your new lab from scratch. Browse our selection of fantastic products online and feel free to contact us for assistance.