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  • ENDURO GDS II and GDS Touch II
  • ENDURO illuminator

ENDURO™ GDS II Gel Documentation System (GDS II & GDS Touch II)

The next generation of Gel Documentations Systems from Labnet are here!

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Product SKU's

SKU Name Description Get a Quote
GDS2-1302 ENDURO GDS II with 302 nm
GDS2-1365 ENDURO GDS II with 365 nm
GDST2-1302 ENDURO GDS Touch II with 302 nm
GDST2-1365 ENDURO GDS Touch II with 365 nm

Accessories SKU's

SKU Title Get a Quote
GDS-TL1D-1 Total Lab 1D 1 user license
GDS2-GCS Gel Cutting Surface
GDS2-OG Orange Goggles to Visualize Bands for Cutting with Blue Light
GDS2-WLCS White Light Conversion Screen (for protein gels using coomassie or silver stain)
GDS2-BLCS Blue Light Conversion Screen (for GDS model, not required for GDS Touch models)
GDS2-PRT Labnet GDS2 Thermal Printer
GDS-12022 Thermal Paper
GDS2-USBS USB Splitter
GDS2-USBMK USB Mouse/Keyboard
Product SpecificationsGDS IIGDST II
Image Resolution3.2 MP3.2 MP
Field of View15 x 20 cm15 x 20 cm
Standard IlluminationUV (302 or 365 nm), epi whiteUV (302 or 365 nm), epi-white, epi-blue
System ControlsWindows 10 PC or laptop (not included)Windows 10 tablet (built-on)
USB 2.0 Ports22
Dimensions12 x 15 inches (31 x 38 cm)12 x 15 inches (31 x 38 cm)
CertificationscTUVus; CEcTUVus; CE
Computer SpecificationsPC or laptop (not included but must meet following minimum specifications)Tablet included
Windows 10
Intel® processor
1.4 GHz processor speed
16 GB free hard disk space
2 USB 2.0 or higher ports

ENDURO™ GDS II and GDS Touch II are the next generation Gel Documentation Systems from Labnet International. These gel documentation systems are used for visualization of DNA and protein stained within a gel and provide photo documentation of these gels in a laboratory setting. 

The GDS II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm version and runs on a Windows-based PC (not included). The GDS Touch II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm wavelength version with 470 nm epi-blue lights for use with "safe dyes" that eliminate the need for ethium bromide. Both versions now come with a storage location on top to help maximize bench space and provide a place for accessories. 

ENDURO™ GDS II Applications

  • Visible protein stains like Coomassie blue or silver stain
  • Designed for DNA
    • Ethidium bromide
    • Safe dyes such as GelGreen® and SYBR™ Safe

Product Features

  • Region of interest (ROI) function allows optimal exposure in less than 30 seconds. No more multiple exposures to get good images!
  • Transilluminator good for 30,000 hours there is no longer a need to buy replacement UV bulbs
  • Save photo files as jpeg or 16 bit .tiff files ideal for publication
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Included fully-featured qualitative software is ideal for creating publication and notebook quality images