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Labnet Laboratory Vortexers Offer Fast, Thorough Mixing

Along with our laboratory shakers, rockers and rotators, Labnet International has your requirements for Vortex mixing covered.

Going With the Flow

Laboratory mixing is categorized based on the flow motion created by the device. Rockers provide a gentle back and forth flow. Shakers create a swirling motion with variable stroke length and speed. Vortexing creates vigorous flow around a central axis (straight or curved) similar to a whirlpool. That cyclonic action draws fluid around the axis at a rapid speed to evenly distribute the contents of the vial. 

Labnet vortexers are enhanced by the truly-circular orbit of all of the Labnet International line. Lesser units from other manufacturers have wonky, elliptical orbits that are less powerful and less accurate. Vortexing is a vital step in bioscience and chemistry applications where quick, thorough mixing of small samples is needed. Whether it is one test tube at a time or a variety of plates, flasks and microplates at once, we have the Vortex mixer that is right for your lab.

Secure and Portable

The last thing you need on a compact bench is a mixer walking across the surface and knocking things over or landing on the floor. Other manufacturers solve this problem with suction cups that attempt to adhere the unbalanced unit to the bench. Labnet International eliminated the requirement for a suction cup base with an optimized counter-balanced shaft and motor. This precision alignment and balancing ensures stable, scoot-free operation and less wear and tear on internal components. The result is a versatile, stable and robust unit that will remain in operation for years.

The elimination of the suction cup base also simplifies cleaning the bench and allows quick movement of the Vortex Mixer to another bench for use. All Labnet International Vortex mixers are designed to tolerate temperature-controlled environments both incubated and chilled for maximum flexibility. 

Versatility of Control and Container

The range of application for the full line of Labnet International Vortex Mixers is very accommodating to bioscience applications. Flexibility begins with our intuitive controls and is enhanced by our suite of accessories. From our smaller, Vortex Mixer VX-200 to our largest platform model the Orbit 300, we have the control options and control settings for your application. With speed ranges from 100-1,200 rpm, resuspension and dispersing fluids will be a breeze. Use the stand-by feature to have a quiet benchtop device at the ready--simply press the tube to the head and go!

The VX-200 lab vortexer features the CombiCup™ transfer head that can accommodate one tube or a handful of them. Optional heads accept microplates, microtubes, PCR strip tubes and blood tubes. All heads are installed without tools - just pull to remove and press to replace. Our large, flat surface Vortex Mixers accommodate all common lab containers on a large, non-slip rubber mat.  Innovative, spring-loaded retaining bars allow quick, tool-free swapping of oddly-shaped bottles, racks and other containers.

At the end of the day, you need a reliable tool to quickly mix samples in a variety of containers with consistent, reliable results. A Labnet International Vortex Mixer delivers with innovative features and accessories on a stable and robust base.

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