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When Every Step is the Most Important Step: New Digital Dry Baths from Labnet

A New Line of Digital Dry Baths from Labnet International

Every step is the most important step when processing precious biological samples. Labnet International understands each step in the process and is proud to introduce a new line of Digital Dry baths for use in your lab. The Labnet International Digital Dry baths offer performance specs that satisfy a wide range of applications without compromising precision and accuracy. 

The Labnet International Digital dry baths can support your workstation or your lab with options for one, two or four blocks of accurate heating. Large and small throughput labs can benefit from the features of this new generation of lab hardware. 

Digital Dry Bath Features

Accuracy and stability are standard qualifications, not features. When designing a new product line, Labnet International Engineers listen to customer feedback to incorporate convenient features that provide real value. Features that provide little value are just clutter in a busy lab. Our new Digital Dry Baths keep it simple and straightforward with key features that provide real benefits. 

  • Two bright LED displays for quick reference of temperature and cycle time. 
  • Innovative, magnetic hinged lid offers the versatility of lid or no/lid operation while maintaining a smooth, crevice-free surface for ease of cleaning. 
  • The interior is made of a seem-free aluminum with coved sides for maintenance of sterile conditions. 
  • The control panel is slanted for ease of use and bright LED displays can be seen clearly from yards away. 
  • Complete range of capacities from one, two or four blocks.
  • Operation is intuitive and simple as are calibration procedures and routine maintenance. 

New techniques and discoveries are constantly pushing the boundaries in the lab. Our temperature range in the new Labnet International Digital Dry baths anticipates a wider variety of applications by being up to 30° greater than some of our competitors. We also offer a standard USB port and datalogger software for process documentation. While that might not be standard in our lab today, rest assured that when the time comes, you will be ready. 

Labnet International Digital Dry Baths are a great partner to our full line of centrifuges for your Hot Start PCR, DNA Amplification and Cholesterol determination processes. All Labnet International products meet the rigorous requirements demanded by lab managers worldwide. We know that providing a wide temperature range and accuracy within fractions of a degree are standard in the industry. The new line checks all the boxes and adds a few to the list offering you features and value that make this an easy choice for your lab.  

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