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Digital Dry Bath Dual Block
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  • Digital Dry Bath
  • Labnet Digital Dry Bath Large
  • Labnet Digital Dry Bath 2 Block
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  • Labnet Digital Dry Bath Accessories
  • Block, 48 x 0.2mL PCR Tubes or 6 x 0.2mL Strips
  • Block, 20 x 2.0mL
  • D1105 Block, 24 x 0.5mL
  • D1105A Block, 24 x 1.5mL Tubes
  • D1106 Block, 35 x 6mm Tubes
  • D1110 Block, 20 x 10mm Tubes
  • D1113 Block, 20 x 13mm Tubes
  • D1115-TALL Block, 12 x 15mL Tubes
  • D1116 Block, 12 x 15 or 16mm Tubes
  • D1117 Block, 12 x 17 mm Tubes
  • D1120 Block, 6 x 2mm Tubes
  • D1125 Block, 6 x 25mm Tubes
  • D1196-PCR Single Block, 96 Well PCR Plate
  • D1296 Dual Block, 96 Well Microtiter Plate
  • D1296-PCR Dual Block, 96 Well PCR Plate

AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Baths

New improved features make the Labnet Digital Dry Baths an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

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Product SKU's

SKU Name Description Get a Quote
D1301 Digital Dry Bath Single block, 120V
D1301-230V Digital Dry Bath Single block, 230V
D1302 Digital Dry Bath Dual block, 120V
D1302-230V Digital Dry Bath Dual block, 230V
D1304 Digital Dry Bath Four block, 120V
D1304-230V Digital Dry Bath Four block, 230V

Accessories SKU's

SKU Title Get a Quote
D1101 Solid block for machining (no holes)
D1102 Block, 48 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes or 6 x 0.2 ml
D1102A Block, 24 x 2.0 mL tubes
D1105 Block, 24 x 0.5 ml tubes
D1105A Block, 24 x 1.5 ml tubes
D1106 Block, 35 x 6 mm tubes
D1110 Block, 20 x 10 mm tubes
D1112 Block, 20 x 12 mm tubes
D1113 Block, 20 x 13 mm tubes
D1115-Tall Block, 12 x 15 ml conical tubes
D1116 Block, 12 x 15 or 16 mm tubes
D1117 Block, 12x17mm tubes
D1120 Block, 6x20mm tubes
D1125 Block, 6 x 25 mm tubes
D1150-TALL Block, 5 x 50 ml conical tubes
D1196-PCR Single Block, 96 well PCR plate, skirted or nonskirted (for single block unit only)
D1296 Dual Block, 96 well micro plate or 4 slides (for dual block unit only)
D1296-PCR Dual Block, 96 well PCR plate, skirted or nonskirted (for dual block unit only)
D12384 Block, 384 well PCR plate. Block fits D1200 only and holds one plate
D1100-PS Pop-Stopper for D1102, D1102-A, D1105, D1105-A blocks.
D1105A-RACK AccuRack™ tube rack for 20x1.5mL tubes. Compatible with the D1105A block
D1300-PROBE Dry bath external temperature sensor
Product Specifications
Temperature RangeAmbient +5° to 150°C
Timer1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes, or continuous in 1-minute increments
Temperature Uniformity+/-0.2°C
Display Increments0.1°C/1 min
Block Capacity1, 2 or 4 blocks
Chamber ConstructionUniformly molded
Block LidIncluded
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Single block8.3 x 12.4 x 4.7 in. (21 x 29 x 12 cm)
Dual block8.3 x 12.4 x 4.7 in. (21 x 29 x 12 cm)
Four block8.3 x 16.3 x 4.7 in. (21 x 39 x 12 cm)
Single block7.0 lbs. (3.2 kg)
Dual block7.0 lbs. (3.2 kg)
Four block9.6 lbs. (4.4 kg)
External Temperature ProbeOptional accessory (inquire)
Labnet Digital Dry Bath Block Specifications
ConstructionAnodized, high grade non-porous aluminum
Dimensions (W x D)
Single block3.55 x 3.01 in. (9 x 7.6 cm)
Dual block3.55 x 6.01 in. (9 x 15.3 cm)
Thermometer WellAvailable in all blocks except those used with plates

The Labnet Digital Dry bath incubators are available in single, dual, and four block configurations and provide a broad temperature range up to 150°C, which makes them useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental, and industrial laboratories. They have been designed to incorporate the best combination of features including block capacity, dual displays, and an external temperature probe that gives life science researchers the confidence and efficiency they need when working with precious samples.

Digital Dry Bath product features include:

  • Single, dual and four block capacity
  • Dual display
  • USB connectivity enables traceability of data
  • Molded block chamber