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AccuPlate™ Hotplate Stirrer
  • AccuPlate™ Hotplate Stirrer
  • D0461 Accessory Kit
  • D0462 External Temperature Probe
  • D0463 PTFE Stir Bar
  • D0464 Boss Head Clamp
  • D0465 Holding Rod for D0462
  • D0466 Vertical Support Rod

AccuPlate™ Digital Hotplates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers

Versatile, powerful and easy to use.

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Product SKU's

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D0400 AccuPlate Hotplate 5x7" Ceramic Top, 120V, US Cord
D0410 AccuPlate Stirrer 5x7" Ceramic Top, 120V, US Cord
D0420 AccuPlate Hotplate Stirrer 5x7" Ceramic Top, 120V, US Cord
D0400-230V AccuPlate™ Hotplate 5” x 7” Ceramic top, 230V, EU and UK Cords
D0410-230V AccuPlate™ Stirrer 5” x 7” Ceramic top, 230V, EU and UK Cords
D0420-230V AccuPlate™ Hotplate Stirrer 5” x 7” Ceramic top, 230V, EU and UK Cords

Accessories SKU's

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D0461 Kit includes D0462, D0466 and Stir Bar retriever
D0462 External Temperature Probe, 5º - 200ºC (for D0400 and D0420)
D0463 PTFE coated magnetic stir bar (1 x 2.5 cm)
D0464 Boss Head Camp - for holding D0465 at a 90º angle from D0466
D0465 Temperature probe (D0462) holding rod
D0466 Vertical Support Rod (two 22.8 cm rods which can be connected)
Product SpecificationsAccuPlate HotplateAccuPlate StirrerAccuPlate Hotplate Stirrer
Temperature Range *5° - 550°C (41º - 1022ºF)N/A5º - 550ºC (41º - 1022ºF)
Temperature accuracy± 2°CN/A± 2°C
Speed rangeN/A60 - 1150 rpm60 - 1150 rpm
Top Plate MaterialCeramicCeramicCeramic
Top Plate Size12.7 x 17.8 cm (5” x 7” )12.7 x 17.8 cm (5” x 7”)12.7 x 17.8 cm (5” x 7”)
Dimensions (W x D x H)19.7 x 28 x 10.8 cm19.7 x 28 x 10.8 cm19.7 x 28 x 10.8 cm
Weight2.7 kg (6.0 lbs.)3.2 kg (7.0 lbs.)3.2 kg (7.0 lbs.)
Electrical2.7 kg (6.0 lbs.)230V, 50/60 Hz230V, 50/60 Hz
* Temperature range using the External Temperature Controller is 5º-200º C (41º-392º F)

Digital Hotplates and Stirrers

Labnet’s AccuPlate™ digital hot plates and stirrers are versatile, powerful and easy to use. Every unit is built for consistent performance and long term reliability. With three models to choose from, there is an AccuPlate™ hot plate and stirrer to meet your lab’s needs.

Ceramic Durability and Resistance

Each AccuPlate™ is equipped with a Pyroceram® ceramic top plate that is extremely durable, easy to clean and is highly resistant to chemical attack. In addition, the ceramic plates can reach higher temperatures (rated to 550°C) than metal topped units and the white color makes it easy to view color changes in applications such as titrations. The AccuPlate™ Hotplate and Hotplate Stirrer models incorporate a powerful heating element positioned directly beneath the ceramic top plate. This provides optimal heat transfer to the plate and sample while minimizing heat transfer to the electronics and housing.

Acceleration Regulation

The Stirrer and Hotplate Stirrer utilize a powerful motor drive system paired with strong permanent magnets to ensure a consistent connection to the stir bar. The control software is designed to minimize stir bar decoupling by regulating the acceleration rate of the motor. The durable cast aluminum housing and angled faceplate protect the electronics in the event of an accidental spill. The Hotplate and Hotplate Stirrer models also feature a bright red “Hot Top” indicator to alert users that the ceramic top is too hot to touch – even if the heater is off, the light will remain on until the top has cooled to a safe temperature.

  • Precise liquid temperatures and stirring speeds
  • Digital display and safety indicators
  • Angled front panel and large control knobs