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Labnet Analog Hot Plate Stirrer

AccuPlate™ Analog Hot Plate Stirrer

Safe and reliable and ideal for both science and education markets!

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D0300 Hot Plate 120V
D0300-230V Hot Plate 230V
D0310 Magnetic Stirrer 120V
D0310-230V Magnetic Stirrer 230V
D0320 Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrer 120V
D0320-230V Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrer 230V

Accessories SKU's

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D0300-SR Support Rod
Product SpecificationsMagnetic StirrerHot Plate StirrerHot Plate
Speed100 ~ 1500/RPM100 ~ 1500/RPM
Capacity100 mL - 5L100 mL - 5L
Plate Area180 x 180 mm (7 x 7 in.)180 x 180 mm (7 x 7 in.)180 x 180 mm (7 x 7 in.)
Dimensions (W x D x H)200 x 300 x 115 mm200 x 300 x 115 mm200 x 300 x 115 mm
Electrical110V 50/60 Hz - 220V 50/60 Hz110V 50/60 Hz - 220V 50/60 Hz110V 50/60 Hz - 220V 50/60 Hz
RPM (Max)1500 RPM1500 RPM
Hot Plate Max TemperatureUp to 380 Degrees CelciusUp to 380 Degrees Celcius

AccuPlate™ Analog Hot Plate Stirrers

Labnet‘s analog hot plate stirrers were developed to be safe and reliable, making them ideal for the Science and Education or Research markets. The 7” x 7” ceramic coated top plates have a maximum hot temperature surface rating of 380°C and provide an even heating surface. Each stirring model contains a powerful motor for precise stirring as well as a strong magnet to minimize stir bar decoupling.

Safety features include a hot top indicator lamp located on the extended control panel as well as a power switch conveniently positioned on the side of the unit. A built-in support rod holder with locking knob can accept the optional support rod.

  • Precise control of temperature and stirring speeds
  • Maximum hot temperature surface 380°C
  • 5 liter stirring capacity
  • Low profile design with 7”x7” top plate