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Ready for a Digital Lab Vortexer That’s Truly Multipurpose? Meet Labnet’s Orbit™ 300.

Your lab isn’t one-dimensional. Your laboratory vortexer shouldn’t be, either.


That’s why Labnet offers a wide range of operational flexibility for your lab with the Labnet Orbit™ 300 Multipurpose Digital Lab Vortexer.


Not only does the Orbit™ 300 Digital Vortexer hold multiple types of containers--from plates and dishes held easily on its rubber-coated mat to microplates and even plates, flasks, and bottles contained easily using the vortexer’s spring-loaded retaining plates--but it also offers some of the most flexible options available for your all your cell suspension, sample mixing and any other vortexing application specific to your lab.


That’s because Labnet’s Orbit™ 300 Multipurpose Digital Vortexer provides a huge range of motion and of speeds from 100 to 1200 rpm, making it a great option for a variety of laboratory applications: Shaking Mixing Agitating Vortexing Looking for a lab shaker with more capacity? Check out Labnet’s Orbit™ 1000 Multipurpose Digital Shaker.