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Labnet Electrophoresis Documentation Systems

Touch Integration for the Laboratory

The ENDURO™ GDS Touch documentation system leads the line of Labnet Electrophoresis equipment with its reliability, technical abilities, and ease of use in the lab.

The GDS Touch offers exciting features such as:

  • Integrated touch screen tablet PC
  • High resolution 5MP camera
  • EPI-Blue and EPI-White light sources standard
  • A prefocused system for image capture
  • Easy image acquisition
  • Actively developed

Pushing Standards Higher

Designed to make separation by base pairs of proteins, as well as large and small DNA fragments an easy and accurate task, the ENDURO™ GDS Touch uses a powerful EPI-Blue light to discriminate bands stained with SYBR®Safe up to 3 levels of magnitude greater than imagers using blue light conversion screens.

This state-of-the-art imaging system is designed for sophisticated needs but has a simple interface providing an incredible combination of performance and value.

Revolutionizing Gel Electrophoresis

The ENDURO™ GDS Touch documentation system is designed for fast, convenient, and easy electrophoresis of DNA and RNA samples, becoming the perfect tool to visualize and document the results of your gel experiments

Gel documentation and gel imaging systems have come a long way, and Labnet's GDS Touch goes even further in providing a valuable combination of technology and ease of use.

Accurate and quantitative sequencing, separation, or preparation applications, this is an all-in-one documentation system every lab should have.

Learn more about Labnet's ENDURO™ GDS Touch documentation system and get a quote on a better tool for your applications.