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Sophisticated design and exceptional service have made Labnet centrifuges, agitators, incubators, liquid handling and electrophoresis products the lab standard for over 30 years. We are fully committed to serving our customers in the research and bioprocessing communities as they continue their essential work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Researchers are diligently working to gain a better understanding of COVID-19. During this critical time, Labnet is monitoring the situation to ensure we can meet your lab supply needs.
We are working hard to continue to deliver the CDC-recommended products (listed below) to support your preparation of COVID-19 test kits.

For questions about Labnet recommended products, please contact your Labnet Account Manager.

Recommended Products

Nucleic Acids sample preparation. Extraction:

Application of Genomics Research. PCR:

Application of Genomics Research. Electrophoresis:

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Product Disclaimer

Labnet’s products are not specifically designed and tested for COVID-19 testing. Many Labnet products, though not specific to the COVID-19 test, can be used in the workflow and preparation of the test at the customers discretion. Customers may use these products to support their claims. We cannot make any claims or statements that our products are approved for COVID-19 test either directly or indirectly. The customer is responsible for any testing, validation, and/or regulatory submissions that may be required to support the safety and efficacy of their intended application.