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All Hail the Little Guys: Versatile Personal Centrifuges from Labnet

Updated: June 2019

Some of the best things come in small packages, including Labnet’s personal centrifuges. Centrifuges are essential for a wide variety of laboratory processes and research tasks, and it’s important to have the right centrifuge for your specific needs. With that in mind, consider a few of Labnet’s best mini centrifuges that are designed to deliver incredible efficiency and productivity in a compact package.

C1601 Mini Centrifuges

Our C1601 Mini Centrifuges are designed for optimal performance for essential laboratory applications. These centrifuges offer quick, benchtop spin downs of samples. With six unique accessories shipping standard with the C1601, you can use your C1601 mini centrifuge for a variety of samples including MCT tubes and PCR strips. The quick-release rotor system makes it easy to swap out rotors between cycles and electronic braking promotes rapid deceleration to reduce cycle times.

View the C1601 Mini Centrifuge.

Prism™ Mini Centrifuges

The Prism™ Mini Centrifuge is compact, but efficient and effective enough to be used for a wide range of laboratory applications. Its small footprint makes it possible for workstations to be equipped with personal centrifuges without interfering with other processes and laboratory tasks. With a maximum speed of 6,000 RPM and a weight of just 1.2 lbs, this centrifuge is designed to deliver the maximum performance without taking up valuable workspace in your laboratory. The centrifuge features a self-opening lid, quick-release rotor hub and built-in braking system.

View the Prism™ Mini Centrifuge.

MPS 1000 Mini PCR Plate Spinner

The MPS 1000 Mini PCR Plate Spinner is a small unit that accommodates PCR plate and microplate samples. With a footprint of just 6 x 6 inches, this powerful centrifuge unit can fit even on compact workstations to deliver reliable and convenient performance.The plate spinner can be used in a cold room for temperature-sensitive applications. The MPS 1000 can accelerate to up to 2,500 RPM and can fit two standard PCR or microtiter plates.

View the MPS 1000 Mini PCR Plate Spinner.

You can check out all of Labnet International’s centrifuge equipment and laboratory accessories on our product pages. You will find full product descriptions and specifications so that you can find the products that are right for your particular needs and laboratory applications.