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High Volume Deep Well Microplate
  • High Volume Deep Well Microplate
  • Deep Well Microplates Square

High Volume Deep Well Microplates and Tube Rack

High volume deep well plates for larger sample volumes

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P970248 x 5 mL well, SBS format, 44 mm high
P970348 x 7.5 mL well, SBS format, 68 mm high

For applications requiring larger sample volumes, Labnet offers high volume deep well plates. These plates are ideal for serial dilutions and storage of samples too large for the standard deep well plates.

  • Ideal for serial dilution, storage of large samples and chromatography
  • Space-saving, square wells for maximum storage capacity
  • Conical well bottoms for easy sample recovery
  • Pierceable sealing mat available

The plates are constructed of high grade, low extract-able polypropylene, which imparts excellent temperature and chemical resistance. The wells are square with a conical base to aid in sample concentration and recovery. Two  well capacities are available to meet a range of sample handling needs. The 48 well plate is available in volumes of 5 ml, and 7.5 ml . The plate dimensions meet SBS specifications, making them compatible with robotic sample handlers and other sample processing equipment. Santoprene™ sealing mat, available separately, individually seal each well. The strips can be pierced repeatedly and will reseal upon removal of the needle.  Plates can be heat sealed and stored for prolonged extended periods of time at -80ºC.

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