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Are Electronic Pipettes Right for Your Lab?

When it comes to your lab, finding a liquid handling solution that will offer reliable results while also helping you streamline your workflow can be challenging. One option that can do all this while also providing a comfortable pipetting experience is the Labnet family of Excel electronic pipettes.
Labnet’s Excel electronic pipette can handle a variety of pipetting functions with ease, whether that’s standard pipetting or multiple and sequential pipetting, sample mixing, or serial dilutions. The ergonomic design protects your researchers while making it easier than ever to program right from the pipette handle.
Electronic pipettes are a great choice for labs looking to improve the accuracy and repeatability of results while reducing the risk of user affected results. The Excel electronic pipettes are available in single channel or multi-channel and with up to six different operational modes to choose from, making them a flexible option for nearly any life science research lab.
Get more detailed product information about Labnet’s Excel electronic pipettes or any of our other liquid handling products by visiting the Labnet product pages.