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New FlexTemp™ Technology Makes MultiGene™ Optimax a Flexible Choice for Thermal Cycling

Flexible, Customized Thermal Cyclers

Looking for a thermal cycler that offers greater flexibility and customization options than traditional gradient cyclers? Labnet’s MultiGene™ Optimax Thermal may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


The MultiGene™ Optimax Thermal Cycler was launched to replace our traditional MultiGene™ Gradient thermal cycler. While the MultiGene™ Gradient was a reliable choice, new advancements have allowed us to offers a host of improved product features that provide a whole new level of customization based on our unique FlexTemp™ technology. FlexTemp™ allows you to program up to 16 wells at a time of one primer for one temperature. The MultiGene™’s 96-well plate can be broken into six (4x4) regions that allows you to choose the temperatures to set against, giving you ultimate control and up to six separate temperatures.


With traditional gradient thermal cyclers, labs were only able to choose temperatures for the first and last block, meaning each of your other sections’ temperatures were chosen by the thermal cycler itself. With the new MultiGene™ Optimax FlexTemp™ technology, your lab can now evaluate multiple genes in a single experiment, helping you streamline your genotyping workflow and speeding up your runs time.