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Lab Life Beyond the Plunger: Electronic Pipettes Offer Easy, Accurate Pipetting

Haven’t tried electronic pipetting yet?

The good news is there are plenty of options available for pipetting of samples and reagents; if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool fan of manual pipetting, for instance, there are multiple sizes and styles to choose from. Labnet offers both single channel and multichannel pipettes with our BioPette™, BioPette Plus™, and LabPette™ product lines.

If you're looking for another option over traditional manual pipettes, we encourage you to ‘step outside the box’ with Labnet’s Excel electronic pipettes. With more than 10 products to choose from - including single channel, 8-channel and even 12-channel options - you’re sure to find the electronic pipettes you need for your specific applications.

Benefits of Electronic Pipettes

The benefits of electronic pipettes are plentiful, and include:

  • Dramatically reduced pipetting workload - the fully motorized piston drive also guarantees excellent accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Electronic pipettes can be pre-programmed using a perfectly positioned display and keypad.
  • Design that fits comfortably in either the right or left hand - Excel electronic pipettes are designed so even a slight movement of the index finger activates pipetting.  
  • Useful accessories - like a 3 position linear stand and carousel stand for up to six single OR multichannel pipettes. Reduce space and keep your lab organized!

If your lab applications call for extensive repetitive pipetting, the electronic pipette may be just what you need.

View all of Labnet’s liquid handling products.

This post was updated on August 24, 2018.