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Need Help Deciding Between Dry Baths and Water Baths?

If you use a bath for laboratory incubation applications, you already know you must rely on the quality and efficiency of the equipment to ensure the best outcomes. But before you can even begin to choose specific brands, dimensions, or features, you’ll have to decide whether you’re in need of a dry bath or if water baths will do the trick. Consider a few of the differences between these laboratory baths to help you make the best decision possible.

Dry Baths vs. Water Baths

  • Cleanliness: Although of course most labs place a high priority on cleanliness, there are some applications where additional steps are needed to maintain hygiene. In these instances, a water bath may not be the correct choice because water baths tend to be more susceptible to contamination. In this case, dry baths hold the advantage over water baths because dry baths are less likely to become contaminated or spread contaminants between samples and work surfaces.
  • Speed: Water is capable of transferring heat to samples much more quickly and effectively than air is, so a water bath will heat samples at a more rapid rate than a dry bath. A water bath will also promote more consistent heat distribution in a sample. The water is also better at maintaining temperature which reduces the chance of temperature fluctuations. However, it also takes longer for a water bath to be warmed up to the desired temperature which, in turn, means that the water bath will use more power over time.
  • Sample container size: Although many labs use standard sample containers, there are some applications that require the use of bulky or unconventional containers. Water baths are ideal for these non-standard applications since the water will naturally adapt to accommodate the shape of the sample. Dry baths are generally compatible with standard sample containers. Keep in mind, a sample that is placed in a water bath must be properly sealed, so you won’t be able to treat open sample containers.

Labnet International Lab Baths

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