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Get Help Selecting the Right Pipette for Your Lab

Anytime you make a purchase for your lab, it’s important that you do your research to ensure that you are making the best purchasing decision possible. Pipettes are an important piece of laboratory equipment, and this purchase deserves its fair share of scrutiny. While it’s important to shop around for the best quality and value, you will need to determine what kind of pipette you need before anything else. Consider some of the differences between the basic kinds of pipettes to determine which one is best for you.

Pipette Volume

If you use pipettes for a variety of different tasks that require a variety of different volumes, you should go with a variable volume pipette. A fixed volume pipette is a good choice if you perform the same pipetting tasks repeatedly since they offer the best accuracy. It’s important to keep in mind that, unless you use your pipettes exclusively for one volume application, you will likely need to purchase additional variable volume pipettes.

Your Lab's Workload

Depending on the kind of workload your pipettes will be used for, you can select between manual and electronic. Electronic pipettes have a number of helpful features like a digital display and motorized piston. In addition, they are compatible with preset programs to control aspiration and dispensing. All of these features come in handy when you are dealing with heavy workloads that require superior consistency and replicability. If, however, you don’t use pipettes on a large, repeat scale, you might not find the benefits to outweigh the cost. Manual pipettes are often less expensive and a good fit if you don’t need any special features.

Microtiter Applications

Many labs utilize microtiter plates extensively, and these labs usually use multichannel pipettes to achieve the highest level of productivity and efficiency. Since multichannel pipettes require less pipetting overall, they are easier to use from an ergonomic standpoint. Every time a pipette is used, there is a chance for an inaccuracy or mistake; with a multichannel pipette, this margin of error is greatly reduced.

Labnet International Pipettes

These are just a few of the many types of laboratory pipettes available for your lab needs. It’s not always easy to figure out which piece of equipment is best, but getting advice from a professional can help exponentially. At Labnet International, we are proud to carry a wide selection of pipettes for every application and laboratory need. Take a look at some of our products by browsing our online inventory and feel free to contact us with any questions.