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The Leading Shaking Incubator For Genetic, Bioscience, and Bioprocessing Labs

The Shaking 211DS and 311DS Temperature Regulated Incubators from Labnet International

This line of Shaking Incubators from Labnet International offers all the features you require for a precision, data driven laboratory. Utilize a small footprint with stackable units that help reduce the use of bench space without sacrificing on quality.

Both the 211DS and the 311DS shaking incubators are built with Labnet’s exclusive SmartCheck technology, a digital temperature control system that regulates and maintains a steady temperature throughout application and use of the system. This ensures an accuracy you can rely on throughout incubation. Labnet laboratory incubators are well insulated, offer quick temperature recovery after opening the door, and have a safety thermostat to keep your samples safe from harm.

Setting a Higher Standard

Following Labnet's standards for excellence, these shaking incubators provide:

  • Outstanding temperature uniformity
  • Large viewing section
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • Broad temperature range
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Heat stress protection
  • Internal electrical outlet
  • 1 & 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask capacity

Great for Bioprocessing Labs

Both high performance incubators with built-in orbital shakers offer stable temperature conditions. A broad temperature range expands the use of these incubators to liquid cultures, washing blots and other shaking applications requiring strict temperature control.

The 211DS and 311DS provide an ideal solution to meet your shaking incubator needs, whether working with bacteria, yeast cultures, entomology studies, egg hatching, hybridization, mixing and re-suspensions, and any number of other applications.

To view product specifications, more product information, and to get a quote, take a look at Labnet's 211DS Shaking Incubator, and Labnet's 311DS Shaking Incubator