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Product Highlight: Labnet International Hybridization Ovens

In research labs, molecular biology labs, and other labs that focus on the identification of RNA and DNA proteins, hybridization ovens are essential. These convection ovens are designed for molecular assays and are especially useful for Northern, Southern, and Western blots.

Quality hybridization ovens are incredibly effective at thoroughly mixing materials. Typically, these ovens have a keypad that allows the user to control the temperature in the chamber depending on the application. Labnet International hybridization ovens are designed to meet the highest standards of quality.

ProBlot™ 12 Hybridization Oven

Our ProBlot™ 12 Hybridization Oven and ProBlot™ 12 Hybridization System are designed to give users precise temperature control capabilities and consistent results.

These products have the capacity to handle the demands of laboratories with a medium to high throughput. The ProBlot™ 12 has a 12-bottle capacity, variable speed and adjustable axis rotisseries, an optional rocking platform, and stable temperature controls to deliver reproducible results. This product is designed with sophisticated mechanical convection technology to ensure the effective circulation of air and even distribution of temperature throughout the chamber. The heat input is controlled by a microprocessor which delivers a uniform temperature environment. Thanks to the viewing window in the door of the oven, users can visualize samples mid-cycle without affecting the temperature within the chamber. For laboratories with space constraints, this model can be vertically stacked to minimize its footprint while maximizing usable space.

The oven chambers are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and feature a grounded electrical outlet on the interior to power small pieces of equipment. The rotisserie speed ranges from 4 rpm to 20 rpm and the temperature ranges from ambient 5° Celsius to 80°Celsius.

Deluxe ProBlot™ Hybridization Systems

The ProBlot™ Deluxe Hybridization System has the same level of precision and accuracy as the ProBlot™ 12 Hybridization Oven with additional features designed to expand its applications. You can customize shaker and rocker patterns for both the ProBlot™ 12S Hybridization System and the ProBlot™ 6 Hybridization System depending on the kinds of materials being processed. The ProBlot™ 12S has a shaking mechanism built into the base to be effectively used for a wide range of laboratory purposes. The ProBlot™ 12S and the ProBlot™ 6 both come with two large bottles and one pack of mesh.

Labnet International Hybridization Systems

Get to know a little more about all of Labnet International’s Hybridization Ovens by taking a look at our online product catalog. Feel free to contact Labnet International with any questions or inquiries-- we would be more than happy to help equip your lab with the highest quality equipment available.