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4 Reasons to Choose Pipette Controllers for Your Lab

Pipetting is an incredibly common laboratory practice that’s used for a variety of applications. Pipettes are often used in laboratories for chemistry, biology and medicine research and development. For these labs, it is often crucial to be able to precisely control the volume of liquid that’s being transported and removed or added from a solution. For this and many other reasons, many of today’s modern laboratories are turning to motorized pipette controllers. 

Pipette Controllers Offer a Variety of Benefits for Users:

  1. Accuracy: Perhaps the clearest advantage of using motorized pipette controllers is the fact that they offer an increased level of accuracy. We all know inaccurate measurements, in turn, lead to inaccurate and unreliable data. Motorized pipette controllers close the margin for error and greatly increase the likelihood that your lab will be able to achieve reliable and accurate results.
  2. Productivity: Regardless of what industry you’re in, productivity is key when it comes to research. Automating processes like pipetting allows you to promote productivity and give your researchers and lab technicians more time to focus on other essential tasks. 
  3. Comfort: Ergonomics are another essential consideration in the laboratory. Lab technicians often perform the same tasks over and over again. Pipette controllers reduce the strain on fingers and wrists which can lead to discomfort and pain over time. A motorized pipette is designed with ergonomics in mind to maximize comfort during use. Motorized pipettes also are designed with grip materials that ensure complete control over the tool for the duration of its use.
  4. Efficiency: Even the occasional error with pipetting can lead to wasted time and materials. If these errors happen frequently, lost resources and prolonged testing cycles can add up, leading to an overall decrease in the efficiency of your lab. Motorized pipettes are an easy way to promote laboratory efficiency and cut resource waste.

Labnet International Pipette Controllers

Regardless of the kind of equipment you’re looking to add to your lab, Labnet International can help you out. We offer a wide range of laboratory equipment and accessories, including motorized pipettes, that are designed to promote efficiency and accuracy regardless of the application. Contact us online or by phone to find out more.