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Labnet International Visits Cornell University for Lab Product Sales Event

While many of the industry events Labnet International participates in each year are on the international scale, we also find smaller local events held in various locations throughout the year to be greatly rewarding for our staff and for show attendees. Events like the recent Lab Product Sales show held at Cornell University’s Biotechnology Center June 29, 2016 are a perfect example of smaller shows offering great benefits for both show attendees and exhibitors.

These events can be found throughout the U.S. - Lab Product Sales, for instance, holds two at Cornell University with two additional events up at NYU Buffalo - and give the staff at Labnet an opportunity to meet students and lab managers in a more intimate setting, where we can help answer questions and provide personal demonstrations of Labnet products. For attendees, which include students, start-up lab companies, and other local area scientists, these events provide a chance to take advantage of excellent show discounts and to avoid the heavy crowds that are often found at larger industry events.

At the event in June, Labnet International staff were on hand to showcase all major product lines found at Labnet International - including Liquid Handling, Agitation and Sample Mixing, Constant Temperature Incubation, Centrifuge Processing and Molecular Biology.

This year’s big hits included: