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Stir Up Success in the Laboratory with Labnet's Newest Line of Hotplate Stirrers - COMING SOON!

Labnet is pleased to introduce our latest line line of Hotplate Stirrers, featuring the Labnet Analog Hotplate Stirrer. The new line, offering heat, stir, and a heat/stir combination, is perfectly suited to help you in your lab. The product will launch this month.
The new Labnet Hotplate Stirrer has a 7”x7” ceramic coated top plate with a maximum hot temperature surface rating of 380C and stirring speeds that can be precisely controlled anywhere between 100 - 1500 rpm. Maximum capacity for the new Hotplate Stirrers is 5 Liters. Precision, accuracy, and reliability are all yours with Labnet’s new Analog Hotplate Stirrer!
A large control panel includes two easily visible lamps, which indicate when the heating and stirring functions are activated as well as a third lamp to indicate when the unit is powered on.   An on/off switch is conveniently located on the side of the unit for added safety.
Hotplate stirrers are popular lab equipment for both biology and chemistry applications, and can be purchased separately as hotplate, magnetic stirrer, or combined hotplate stirrer.
Questions about the new Labnet Hotplate Stirrer or any of our other Hotplates, Stirrers, and Hotplate Stirrers? Contact Labnet today for pricing and product information.