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Looking for a Few Good Microfiltration Products? Labnet Mini Centrifuges Can Help.

Microfiltration is a process frequently used for applications in microbiology and biotechnology. The process includes the removal of contaminants from fluids and can be used for water filtration in drinking water as well as waste water treatment, food preparation, and even pharmaceutical applications. The process is also used when sterilization or purification using thermal techniques is not possible. For some applications, the process itself requires the use of a cold room for processing.


Looking for a centrifuge that can help you get started in your lab? Labnet’s Spectrafuge™ Mini is an economical and compact option for microfiltration of small fluid volumes and is actually small enough to keep a unit at each workstation in your lab.


The Spectrafuge™ Mini can accommodate tubes from 0.2 to 1.5 ml and comes complete with interchangeable rotor for greater flexibility and options for the types of applications for which it’s used. Visit Labnet International’s laboratory centrifuge section to learn more about the Spectrafuge™ mini and any of our other laboratory equipment.