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Get to Know Your Pipette Controllers

Pipette Controllers in All Shapes and Sizes

Just like pipettes themselves, your lab’s pipette controllers come in all shapes and sizes and with various degrees of customization options for operation.

But what are some of the things you will need to know when you start looking for a new pipette controller? Here we explain some basic information to help make your pipette controller selection easier.

Pipette controllers are used to pipette, or distribute, liquids while maintaining precision and accuracy for your liquid measurements. Fixed volume pipette controllers are able to pipette a wide range of liquid volumes, from 0.1μl up to 10,000 μl. Some controllers, such as Labnet’s BioPette™ pipette controllers, are available in a range of models that meet your lab’s specific needs.

Pipettes can be found that use both glass and plastic materials; it is important to review your prospective pipette controllers to identify any potential limitations regarding the substances that can be used for your equipment.

Pipette Controller Speed

Pipette speed also plays an important role in choosing the correct pipette controller. For applications that need to distribute large liquid volumes, a higher speed can be used than for applications requiring lower liquid volume. Also note how often you will need to repeat your pipette processes as well as whether you require more complex processes that include mixing samples or multi-step pipetting. This will help you make the decision between fixed volume pipette controllers or more flexible options like Labnet’s electronic pipette products, that make multiple and sequential pipetting faster and more accurate.

Find out more about your pipette controller options. Visit Labnet’s liquid handling products section to find a variety of pipette controllers to choose from.