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Get the Basics on Electrophoresis

One of the more commonly utilized processes in laboratories around the world is electrophoresis, but a lot of people still have questions about the process and how it works. Electrophoresis is a complicated process, but it’s essential to laboratory research. Continue reading to find out more about electrophoresis and the importance of using the right electrophoresis equipment.

Electrophoresis Basics

Electrophoresis is a laboratory technique used to separate molecules like DNA, RNA and proteins according to size. Gel electrophoresis promotes the migration of charged molecules through a gel by applying an electrical current. When an electrical current is applied to a gel, particles in the gel migrate based on their charge. Negatively charged particles move to the opposite end of the gel from positively charged particles. Smaller molecules migrate at a more rapid rate than larger molecules so electrophoresis separates molecules by size.

This process is essential in a variety of laboratory applications. It enables researchers to distinguish between DNA molecules of different sizes, which makes it possible to accurately categorize and measure DNA strands. To visualize the DNA molecules as they migrate, the electrophoresis gel is dyed and the molecules are judged against a sample marker which contains fragments of known lengths.

To ensure successful electrophoresis, it’s essential to use the proper equipment. Electrophoresis systems are equipped with all of the necessary tools and accessories. Quality electrophoresis systems will deliver reliable performance and intuitive controls to promote proper use by technicians and replicable electrophoresis cycles.

ENDURO™ Gel Documentation Systems

To ensure successful gel electrophoresis, it’s important to have the proper electrophoresis equipment for your laboratory. Labnet International’s ENDURO™ Gel Doc Systems are designed to promote effective electrophoresis with reliable performance. These systems come with all of the components necessary for horizontal gel electrophoresis including gel trays, combs, a casting stand, a gel tank and a digital power supply.

If you want to find out more about electrophoresis or the ENDURO™ Gel Doc Systems, reach out to Labnet International. We are proud to provide comprehensive laboratory equipment and accessories that are designed to deliver the highest quality and the best performance possible in laboratories around the world. Browse our inventory online or contact us for assistance.