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The Right Tools for the Job: Equipping Your Start-Up Lab

Opening a new lab is always an exciting adventure, but once you’ve done some broad planning for your startup lab, it’s time to get down to the details of exactly which tools and equipment you’ll need. Although every lab is different, there are certain pieces of lab equipment that are staples in virtually every facility. Knowing a little bit more about these essential pieces of equipment will help you properly equip your startup lab.

  • Water baths: A water bath is a unit, typically made of stainless steel which incubates samples to a certain temperature with heated water. Water baths vary greatly in volume and capacity to accommodate a range of laboratory needs. This equipment is designed to deliver incredibly accurate temperature control which allows laboratory technicians to precisely control sample applications.
  • Orbital shaker: An orbital shaker offers effective, automated mixing for general samples as well as microbe culturing and blot washing. With a variety of models and accessories, you can customize your orbital shaker platforms to accommodate various configurations of samples. You can also modify the temperature in the orbital shaker during different cycles.
  • Benchtop centrifuge: In most labs, you will find at least one centrifuge. There are some centrifuges available with larger capacities, but many labs find a more compact model to be sufficient. A benchtop centrifuge takes up little lab space, but offers impressive performance for its size.
  • Stirrer: A hot plate stirrer heats and stirs samples consistently and reliably. Many models can be heated to nearly 400 degrees Celsius and stir at a rate of 1500 rpm or more. Hot plate stirrers can handle several litres but they maintain a small footprint that wastes no space.
  • Lab Incubator: Cells and tissues require a precisely-controlled environment that are completely free from contaminants. That’s where lab incubators come in. This machinery is capable of regulating humidity, temperature, CO2, and oxygen levels depending on the specific type of sample that’s being incubated. Many incubators also offer shaking features for certain applications.

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