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Want to Add Flexibility to Your lab? Stackable Incubators May be the Answer.

How Will Your Lab Handle Multiple Small Batch Applications?

One incubation at a time simply won’t work for many labs. That’s because those labs frequently need to run multiple small batch applications, growing cells or bacteria  simultaneously while ensuring the rest of the lab continues to run smoothly. That means time, speed, and efficiency are all crucial when it comes time for incubation.

For anyone looking to find ways to add additional flexibility to their lab, Labnet International incubators can make an excellent option. That’s because many of our popular stackable incubator models (including the 211DS Shaking Incubator, the 311DS Environmental Shaking Incubator, and the 222DS benchtop incubator) can be used to run multiple applications in one convenient format.

These stackable incubators are frequently cited by Academic and Government labs as indispensable tools that provide a seamless experience that streamlines the workflow of the lab and frees up valuable lab resources.

The 211DS, 311DS, and 222DS are a great fit for the following applications:

  • Bacterial Research
  • Microbiology
  • Insect Studies
  • Yeast Cultures
  • Egg Incubation

How can Labnet stackable incubators help you in your lab? Check out these and other Labnet International incubators to find the right centrifuge for your lab.