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New Centrifuge Article in Lab Manager Magazine Features Interview with Labnet Product Manager Peter Will

This March, the popular Lab Manager Magazine includes a special lab centrifuge-focused article, “Insights on Centrifuges: Purchasing and Caring for a Lab Essential“. The article, filled with helpful information for choosing the proper lab centrifuge for your application as well as advice for extending the life of your lab centrifuges, features an interview with Labnet product manager, Peter Will.
Peter heads up Labnet’s lab centrifuge product sales, and is a great resource for those with question about choosing the right centrifuge for your particular application.
Most important factors for choosing a lab centrifuge? Peter helps us out with a quick breakdown of the top 5 factors to address during your lab centrifuge evaluation:

  1. Size of tubes you will use during centrifugation
  2. Type of rotor required
  3. The number of tubes you will centrifuge
  4. Whether or not you will require refrigeration
  5. g-force / Rpms required

Read the full article for more information about care and maintenance, including steps to reduce the risk of malfunctioning as well as tips for operating your lab centrifuge without negatively disrupting your samples.
Ready to start shopping for your next lab centrifuge? Check out our new Centrifuge Buying Guide for an easy, step-by-step guide to help you choose the right centrifuge for your lab.