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New Product Available Now - Rapid Heating and Cooling is a Breeze with New Shaking Incubator

Now available for all of our Labnet customers, the new Shaking Incubator is a great choice for lab applications requiring rapid heating and cooling while still maintaining a small footprint and easy-to-use programming. 


Temperature Controlled Lab Vortexer

The Labnet Shaking Incubator is a temperature-controlled lab vortexer that compliments the other members of Labnet’s constant temperature equipment line like Labnet’s Orbit 300 Digital Vortexer, offering eight interchangeable aluminum blocks that can accommodate PCR plates and tube sizes between 0.2 mL and 15 mL. Mixing speeds range from 300 to 1500 rpms. 


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Find ordering and additional product details at the Shaking Incubator page or view any of Labnet’s other ovens or laboratory incubators.