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Want Better Repeatability in the Lab? 3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Pipette Measurements

Your pipetting technique can play a major role in getting repeatable results in your lab. Learning and implementing the proper technique for your pipettes and pipette tips can ensure repeatability and more accurate results. A few simple tips can help get you there.

  1. Always use your pipette with a proper pipette tip. If you fail to use the pipette tips that are recommended by your supplier, you may find yourself maxing out on permissible errors, which apply to the total system of pipette and tip.
  2. Keep consistent. By dispensing your liquid using a consistent dispense rhythm throughout the pipetting cycle, you will be able to realize more accurate measurement for your pipetting.
  3. Maintain consistent speed and smoothness of the pushbutton. This will help you maintain more control over the level of fluid being dispensed.

Another pro tip: Be sure to clean pipettes regularly and check your pipette calibration at least twice a year for best results.
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