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Convenience, Precision and Performance in a Small Package: Spectrafuge™ Mini centrifuge

The Challenges Faced by Today's Lab Managers 

Today’s lab manager understands the challenges presented by reduced budgets and increased demands for throughput and quality. Labnet International’s line of Mini Centrifuges will support your staff, your quality initiatives and your bottom line with convenience, precision, and performance at a great price. 

Gone are the days of shared centrifuge stations and the inefficiency of queuing samples waiting for their turn to spin. Waiting for equipment, queuing of samples and multiple trips across the lab are exactly the kind of inefficiencies that Labnet International seeks to reduce with the Spectrafuge™ Mini line. 

Reduce Wasted Time and Increase Quality

A dedicated Spectrafuge™ Mini Centrifuge will increase throughput and reduce risk of sample loss and contamination during transfers between stations. 

The ultra-small footprint and whisper-quiet operating noise level will make the Spectrafuge™ Mini a welcome addition to any PCR station. 

Quick-change hubs allow configuration for multiple applications granting complete flexibility to the lab technician handling constantly-changing demands.

The Spectrafuge™ Mini Lab Centrifuge comes in 5 different colors for quick, visual identification of color-based organization systems. 

Spectrafuge™ means never having to compromise convenience for efficiency.  At an approachable price point, this is an easy decision for any lab manager seeking to promote effective lab practices incrementally. By allowing technicians to complete tasks at a single bench, risk of contamination is reduced and so are needless steps. Selecting a color that compliments the lab environment or personal preference boosts morale and increases a sense of empowerment across the team. 

Every spin should be quick and efficient and that is just what you can expect from any of Labnet International’s complete line of centrifuges. 

We can help you choose your next centrifuge!  Click here to use our Centrifuge Selection tool to dial in your perfect match from our extensive line.