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Microcentrifuge Rotor Includes PCR Strip Adapter for Quick, Easy Spins

(The strip spin adapter is available now for purchase as an accessory for the Micro Centrifuge Rotor)

Available now for use with the Spectrafuge 24D Digital Microcentrifuge and Prism Air-Cooled and Refrigerated Microcentrifuge models, Labnet International’s 24 place aluminum high speed Micro Centrifuge rotor makes spinning microtubes and PCR strips at the same time an easy task. No need to purchase two separate rotors, just attach the PCR strip adapter and get to work!

The rotor spins both 1.5 and 2.0mL microtubes and PCR strips at a fraction of the cost required when purchasing two separate rotors. The rotor offers easy tube and strip changeout with a unique rotor cut-out that provides greater access to tubes during insertion and removal.

Add extra flexibility to your lab at an excellent price with this centrifuge rotor and adapter, now available from Labnet International.