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Labnet International's AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Baths: Q&A

Labnet’s AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Baths are some of our most sought-after laboratory essentials, and we wanted to share some of the product features that make these so popular. Read on for a quick Q&A to learn more about the AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Bath and how you can put these versatile products to use in your lab.


The AccuBlock Digital Dry Bath is one of your best selling models. What are some of the product features that stand out for this particular set-up?


Temperature: The AccuBlock Digital Dry bath has an impressive temperature range (up to 150C) that makes this particular dry bath an excellent choice for applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical labs, environmental lab environments, and industrial labs

Performance and Control: Labnet International’s AccuBlock Digital Dry Baths offer high-performance operation and control all for a very reasonable price, utilizing microprocessor control plus digital setting and display.


Laboratory equipment calibration can be expensive and time-consuming. How can I speed up this process so that my dry bath is always available and ready to go when I need it?


The AccuBlock Digital Dry Bath is calibrated at the factory at 37 C using a standard small-hole-pattern block, but each unit we ship comes complete with step-by-step calibration instructions so you can easily and quickly calibrate your dry bath without the necessity of a calibration specialist.


My lab applications can vary on a day-to-day basis. How can I find a unit that meets these changing demands?


The AccuBlock Digital Dry Bath includes both single and dual block models to accommodate 96 well PCR plates.

For those looking for a digital dry bath with a more compact footprint, the AccuBlock™ Mini-Compact Digital Dry Bath is designed to fit with ease into even the smallest laboratory set-up.


Learn more about the AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Bath and AccuBlock™ Mini-Compact Digital Dry Bath.